Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I threw a new tube in my front tire last night and took the Drunken Monkey out for an Urban Assault. I pumped up the old tube and let it lay around while I was out.

I finally found a clean line down a tricky set of steps in Reedy River Park. It was pretty fun being out on the town. I have a really great UA route now. I need to try and get some people together and make this a weekly happening. Any takers?

When I came back home the tube was still perfectly inflated. That leads me to the conclusion that the bit of mud on my rim strip plus the soapy water killed my seal between the tire and rim Sunday.

Kristin and I went out to the Congaree National Swamp on Sunday. We did a really fun hike. The water was a ton higher than the last time we were there. Last time we saw these stalagmite looking roots everywhere:

This time they were mostly underwater. It was pretty cool knowing what was under there.

The park boasts that it has six of the world’s largest trees for their particular species. One is the loblolly Pine. Here is a picture of the world’s second largest Loblolly Pine.

From the angle I took the picture any tree would look big but trust me this tree is huge.

One last note, one of my good riding buddies in Greenville thought he was having minor ACL surgery and it turned into total re-construction. Take care of that leg and get well soon!

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