Friday, January 05, 2007

Warren Miller Says. . .

The last couple rides I have been on were really awesome. They got me thinking about bikes in general. Two rides ago, Eric and I were chatting about free riders and the moves they pull out on trails. We are talking about serious mountains and big moves. The kind of stuff where if you screw up, you will most likely not be on the bike for a long time.

Their bikes are being used in the way they were designed to be used. If ya got 8 inches of squish on your bike and ya only got one rock on the trail that is three inches high off the ground. Well you get the point. It’s impressive to see people utilize their machines properly.

On my most recent ride, we saw these brave cats. So I went out to their website to check them out. We all rode the same trail at the end of the day. “Sinkhole” I am sure my technique coming down the trail was slightly different than theirs but I would put a “Benjamin Franklin” down on the table and say that we all had a blast doing it.

I used to think that this was the type of riding I wanted to do. I pedaled my bike up the hill for one reason, to come down as fast as possible. I now enjoy going up almost as much as bombing downhill.

I think about the bikes that my friends and I ride. Some of us ride gears with suspension, fully rigid single speeds, fixed gears, big wheels, little wheels and every combination in-between. Everyone I ride with seems to have fun all the time, unless their bike is broken.

The point is to have fun while you ride your bike. It also gives you a reason to eat an extra chip at lunch or maybe have another brew with dinner. It leads me to quote one of my favorite people, Warren Miller.

“It doesn’t really matter, as long as you have fun doing it.”

“These guys (in reference to skier’s hucking off cliffs) get that same rush of adrenaline that you or I would getting a foot of air in your local park.”

“When you’re lying on your death bed, will you say ‘Man I wish I would have worked more.’?”

“If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.”

Fishy says ride your bike!

Get out there and have fun people.

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brian said...

nice write up...I know this is almost a year old, but you make a very good point. Different strokes for different long as you're having fun is all that matters.