Thursday, January 25, 2007

Because I Can

Tuesday night I was headed home from work and decided that I would be better off riding to Paris instead of driving.

This adds in quite a bit of mileage, yes I have to deal with some cars and spin like crazy in a couple flat sections but it is pretty quick for the most part.

I left my house and took the route that included the sharpest ups and downs I could find. This keeps passing cars from projecting movies on my legs.

Once out of town, I roll up the front side of Paris. This house has been for sale ever since I moved to Greenville:

When you go this way you enter the park from a secret location and you have to stop by the highest point in Greenville for a looksie:

I dropped into Paris after that. Finally some dirt to rub on my tires, I cruised down the techy side of Firetower and then made the left turn and headed down to the lake. I stopped at the lake for a moment and watched about 8 lights wander around the trail. Pretty cool.

On the way down I had stopped for all uphill riders as there are some tough steep pitches. On my way out nobody really wanted to stop going downhill for me until I saw Broussard. He was pulled over to the side. I said a quick hello and proceeded on. I got to the top and found out that I knew some of the group that I was watching flow around the lake.

Flew down Brissy and then climbed the road and Firetower to my exit of the park. Yes Ty I had my pass with me.

That was the first time I had taken the road down Paris at night. It was awesome seeing the lights of Greenville as I coasted around 30 mph down the mountain. I was frozen at the bottom so I stopped to change lights and then rolled home.

3 and ½ hours on the bike. Lots of miles and climbing.

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