Monday, January 15, 2007

Saving The Day

I pulled into the Black Mountain Parking area Saturday morning and saw Team Dicky, Broussard, Jody and Ben getting ready for battle of the mountains.

I started putting my bike together when I realized that I had left a much needed washer at home. It meant that one of the bolts that holds my brake caliper to the frame was going to hit the rotor as it spun. Not good, if I couldn’t fix it somehow, I was going to have to hit a hardware store before I rode.

I announced my predicament and asked if anyone might have a washer in their car. Ben had one but it was too small a diameter internally. Just as I was getting depressed Ben walked over with two “I don’t know what these things are but they are for a Yakima rack.” I was able to get them juxtaposed in a manner well enough to keep the bolt away from the rotor.

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww, Thanks Ben!

I was supposed to meet the Indy folk at the top of “Z Hammer” around 11:30. So we had some time to burn.

My route for the day:

Grassy Road, Sycamore Cove, North Slope (Counter Clockwise), Clawhammer, Black Mountain, Buckwheat, Bennett, 276 back to the car

Jody, Zach and Rich rolling through Davidson River Campground.

As we pulled into the Horse Stable parking lot, I saw a bike and a dog I knew. It was Obi the dog and Andrew. That was a surprise since Andrew tore his ACL and is getting surgery soon. We (meaning all of my personalities) wish him a quick recovery after surgery.

Andrew and Obi, chilling at the Gap.

While we waited for the Indy crew to roll up, TD moved his stem and needed to make sure his technical skills hadn’t washed away. I snapped this while he was “messin’.”

From there, most of the original crew broke off and went down Black toward the car. The rest of us pushed on through the originally planned route.

There are some roots in these hills.

Once we were at the bottom, ReignMan needed some extra H2O so I showed them White Pines campground and the pump there.

It was another wonderful day in our National Forest.

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Palmetto Solo said...

And again shit - but not a total loss, we had a group of 7 at Lynchs.