Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Full Moon Monsters

There lived two hikers whose paths crossed on one particular day. The day showed sunshine but on their particular side of the mountain, the shade loomed.

As I hiked up, I noticed I was being followed. I snapped this accomplice’s picture not knowing if she was dangerous. I tried to stay out of sight.

I prepared a perch to try and gather more information about this dangerous subject. As my shutter released, I quickly understood that my situation was now dire.

She saw me!

It was fight or flight for me to stay safe. I chose the latter as I did not have enough information yet.

I saw that this particular subject has quite the repertoire of trail moves.

Walking alone could not keep me out in front. I had to move quickly.

I was only able to catch a quick glimpse of her bouldering skills as I was doing my best to stay ahead.

As the day crept on, I slowly realized I must let my evil goody two shoes stride out ahead of me so I may capture her every move.

Click me for the movie. . .

After a ton of climbing, I realized that I was going about things all wrong. My trail nemesis was now using tools!

After our meeting, we were no longer enemies. Now we were allies in our quest to overcome the mountain. Smiles commenced even after long climbs toward the sun.

Finally we made it to the top!

There were trail features to keep you from expiring out in these hills.

On the way home, we were greeted with a full moon.

Ok in all reality that was an awesome hike. Kristin is a trooper for always smiling even when "crab crawling" across boulders and asking me "Where is the trail again."

Mike told me that these trails in Jones Gap State Park were built by Mountain bikers. Well if they were, they were more of this type of mountain biker who we saw in the woods last week and not my type of mountain biker.


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