Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Z Wilson Ride

Dear Blog,

We went on a very fun ride Satruday, I had good time. My buddies showed up and they brought their bicycles!

Santa Claus brought me a brand new camera, as you will see.

Jeremy gathered a bunch of us Mountain Bike Folk for a pre-New Year’s ride.

The day was luminous and overcast at the same time. I hitched a ride with the two E’s (Eric and Erinna) along with Mike Brown for the last half of the ride to the trailhead. We spotted some leftover snow on the side of the road at higher elevations, but the temp didn’t follow suit.

Some blurry snow. . .

Eric's car filled with 29'ers.

It seems difficult to put into words how this ride was. I will do my best. It was fast, steep, slightly technical, ominous, foggy, creeky, fun, fun, fun. Yes that’s right it was creeky. The kind of creeks that make you cringe in winter. We took them on without a hitch. . .

Well Almost, here is a picture of Dave going along swimmingly. He decided to take a head dip.

Sorry Dave, I bet that was a little cold huh?

Our first single track descent of the day was super steep. Get your butt over the back tire or you are immediately OTB (A$$ over tea kettle for you non-bikers). I normally like super steep terrain as long as there is a bail out point. I was negotiating logs better than I had in a while but at point I just couldn't get my back wheel back on the ground and did a soft over the bars crash. My only one of the day. Eric wasn't so lucky, he tried to pull a tech move across a creek and ended up looking more like a kayaker and less like a biker. I asked him how it felt to smash your arm on a rock. Here is his answer:

We crossed creeks and waterfalls. Some of us just got our feet wet. Others, well others chose different options:

We climbed

and climbed

Some more climbing. . .

We even contributed to the local economy.

I was the last to buy a soda and the owner said "Thank you very much, y'all come back real soon ya hear."

Did I say we crossed creeks?

We did, and waterfalls.

But not that one.

Luckily we didn't have any of these.

I was showing my colors.

The last trail we came down was called Sinkhole. For obvious reasons, here is the sinkhole that is right smack dab in the middle of the trail.

That trail is steep in spots. Here is Eric riding the trail with a beat up bike and no chain.

Wow it was a long day and an awesome one on the bike.


Anonymous said...

Damn Tomato - I need to start riding with you more. Great write ups on your past two rides. You sure do know how to make the ones whom didn't ride feel like s#@t for not coming out.

ExtrmTao said...


That's good, you should feel like a poo poo head for not coming out.

Palmetto Solo said...

Damn Tomato - That was me Palmettosolo not anonymous

ExtrmTao said...

I don't know why you showed up as Anonymous. I knew it was you.