Saturday, January 06, 2007

"I'm Around"

That’s the theme of the weekend. Why? Well because that is what was said to me by a complete stranger while I was driving in my car to Columbia on Friday. I had one of those random days where weird things just occur.

Barrett and I got out for a ride at Manchester this morning. It poured and poured Friday night so I knew Manchester would be in fantastic shape. You see this place is mostly sand so the only time to ride it is directly after a rain. All the sand pits are packed and your tires grip them nicely.

So how are the trails out at Manchester? I think this sign says a lot.

We also hit up the Palmetto trail for some elevation change.

Me on the Palmetto trail.

They have some strange signage out there.


A little 26 mile jaunt through the Sumter Forest.

There was a lot of damage to Campbell’s Pond. Does anybody know what happened? Looks like a bulldozer destroyed the loop right by the pond.


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