Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lynch’s Woods

PalmettoSolo, Joe, Barrett, Clint and I rolled around the trails twice in Newberry today. Clint, Toby, Toby and Monty have been working dillegently to get these trails back into shape. They are doing a fine job!

I had a ton of fun today, my mountain gear worked out fantastic as I didn’t really have to do any walking and never spun out either. There were a couple wet spots, but for the most part the trail is in excellent condition. They took a blower to some of the sections so you can really rip.

Technical creek crossings and a gigantic log crossing that takes you toward the sky. That was the most fun I have had riding XC trails in a long time.

Clint, Barrett and Joe:

Toby, How are those gears working out?

Barrett, creekin’

Toby, rockin’ the sky log:


David George said...

jonathon -

i rode today! first time since the group ride after thanksgiving. only 12 miles, but it is a start. give me a month or so and i will be ready for some of your rides.

see ya soon.

ExtrmTao said...


Damn dude, that is awesome. Kinda wierd as Joe and I were talking about you on the ride today. Good to hear and I look forward to a ride soon.


David George said...

I need my time off every year. I wanted to start back about 3 weeks ago, but I have had to work the last couple of weekends (that really sucks). Though I am not in biking shape, I have been running 4 days a week and playing a lot of basketball.

During the week you can reach me at david dot george2 at ge dot com or on my cell. I am looking forward to hooking on a lot rides this year. I am jealous of all the new places (at least new to me) you have biked lately. I do follow the blog.


Palmetto Solo said...

Leroy thanks for putting the group together. Had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!