Friday, January 26, 2007


I am still struggling with thoughts about bicycles. It is time for me to get rid of my current full suspension set up all together. I am going to sell the frame and maybe the suspension and keep all the other parts. Hopefully, I can get a good idea of the frame price from Paul this weekend. It only has 75 miles from the SM-100 on it and maybe another 30 pisgah miles on top of that. So it basically looks brand new. The drive train is wore out so bad that I wouldn’t even sell it to El Guapo.

This leaves me with a predicament. I love my Drunken Monkey but I am not sure if it will take me all the places I want to go in 2007. I know that I am going to do the Icycle on it but I haven’t made any decisions beyond that.

So new bike thoughts are in my future for sure. I am once again dedicated to the big wheels. So I will definitely be watching the reviews of some more “all mountain” type 29’ers as the year rolls on. I am also really kicking around the idea of an internal transmission as well. I am just looking to talk to some people who have “real life” experience with these sorts of things.

Enough about that, some folks and myself will be rolling at Lynches around 9:00 tomorrow if anyone wants to join in.

Ride your bike and have a great weekend.

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Team LandRover said...

Yo, looked at prices for that Rolf Hub and I think you could buy a couple of single speed for the price. So keep doing research but unless you hit the powerball the other night, you might want to consider something like a dos niner.