Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Sad Sad Blog Roll

So you know it is a sad day when things like this happen. The stick thinks he has a sense of humor these days. He did a post about what people watched while riding the rollers. I will have to admit that it made me chuckle a little. He pretty much pegged me right on. I wouldn’t know what a roller was if it rolled over me.

It seems a lot of people talk about these rollers. I don’t think I could do it unless it was really nasty for a long time. I would rather run in the freezing rain then be stationary.

Apparently some are using the “Tomato’s” spread on their website’s and blogs these days. I noticed that MountainGoatEpics has the picture I snapped of Eric rolling chainless and tensionless out at Wilson’s up on his site. Pretty cool.

TD used a photo that I snapped of him out on one his posts. I actually had the entire series of him rolling the nasty Black Mountain steps but I didn’t need to blow his head any further out of proportion so I only posted one up on MTBR.

I googled EXTRMTAO yesterday, I think it is important to know who is using my screen name. I need to make sure nothing malicious is going on that I could get tied too. The only other EXTRMTAO that I found was this one:

Extrmtao @

Just some spam email account about selling ED pills. However, this made me think. Why would a Tomato need Viagra? Leave me a punchline in the comments and I will post the winner tomorrow. Now get creative kiddies.

Late edit: It's a great day to be a computer geek as it is freezing rain outside. Check TeamDicky out as he has to ride his messenger bike in the crappage.

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