Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Since I tend to follow trends just like most of you do. Don't lie to me, you know you do.

I will keep up with the politics for this week. I am in a very obtuse mood this week so you all get to reap the benefits.

So I furthered my research yesterday some, thanks Brad. I went out the SORBA website last night and found the following under the FAQ’s:

How do I join?You can fill out the form that is located in the FAT TIRE TIMES, SORBA`s official newsletter, which can be found in many bicycle shops in and around the Atlanta area. There is a nomimal fee associated with membership that is used to help defray the costs of the organization. The form is also on-line at our web site at:



Are you kidding me? Just leave it blank? If your going to leave it blank take it out. I know, I know I should just print the form off, fill out my check and mail it. WHAT! What did I just say? Spend money on a stamp. . . Do it “hardcore.” Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . .

I have a pet peeve about websites because there are so many out there. Work is making me act like a bitter old man. I hope I get to ride my bike soon.

Anybody up for a ride in the mountains this weekend?


Eric W. said...

I've got to work this weekend but am planning a big ride for Sat. the 20th. 52 miles, 15,500' of climbing. You in?

Dicky said...

Hey fool,
Going to Wilson's at an un-godly hour for a five hour ride Saturday. Should be starting at 6 or 7 am (working with the Wonderboy on this one).

Mijke said...

Jonathan- First time looked at your blog, sorry about somebody else's online rant about Weds night, ridiculous. Yeah, the SORBA online app sucks.
Anyhoo, we'll be riding with another group I ride with on Sat, weather allowing, somewhere in the Pisgherr- much more socially paced group, if you follow my meaning. CMWELDON is the mtbr persona who may be there.
E-mail me at mikemtnbike@netzero.com if you want more info

ExtrmTao said...


Ohhhhhh I know the person who ranted. It is just his style is all. No biggie really. Thanks for the concern though.

The ride is pending in Pisgah. I will shoot you a mail.