Thursday, February 01, 2007

Poop Park

I went on my second Urban Assault yesterday. As I rolled by our newly found “Dog Park” I noticed it had turned into a dog fighting arena. Five dogs were really going at it to maintain possession of a frisbee. All of the owners except for one just watched like nothing was going on. The lady closest to the action was mildly saying “Now y’all play nice together.” I am sure that turned out great.

I haven’t quite determined how this park is supposed to help the community.

So I am one of two people out of well over a hundred people that made it into the office today. I saw quite a few wrecks. Snow doesn’t go over well in South Carolina. Most of the wrecks I saw were from trucks. Imagine that.

Here is what it looks like outside my office window right now:


Anonymous said...

JWL- Your office looks like my college! I want pics of coworkers next time.


ExtrmTao said...

There weren't any co-workers to take pictures of as they were all cowering in their homes and trust me, you don't want to see them anyway.