Monday, February 12, 2007

Organized U.A.

This weekend BrouSSard Joe and I hit up Lynch's again. The first lap was fast and my legs started to fall apart on the second lap. That is a hard 7.5 miles.

I had one momentary slip up whilst leaning to hard into a rooted corner. I was trying to cut it too close on a tight corner with multiple trees. Luckily I felt the tires start to go and saved the fall by giving the tree a nice abrazo.

Tonight will be the first attempt at a organized Urban Assault ride. Hopefully this will turn into a weekly get rid the Monday blues ride.

If you want to go, we are meeting at the tennis courts in Cleveland at 5:30.

In other news. Kristin has the Icycle pics up on her site now. Go take a look and save them off if you so desire.

Here is one that she snapped of me showing my attitude towards all of those who beat me in the XC race:


Dicky said...

If you have a problem with my EPO use you can say it to my face, OK?

ExtrmTao said...

TD, it's not the EPO that I am worried about with you...