Friday, February 09, 2007


When I go on my Urban rides I love to ride stair cases. I don’t mean concrete stair cases either. Its not that I discriminate against smooth concretes steps its just that I would rather find steps that mimic trail features.

In Greenville, we have some awesome steps. The kind that are made from real rocks and look like they could cut your tires with their sharp edges. I found a new set last night that blew my mind. The top was super steep and there were about 15 steps before the first platform. After thinking about my line for a few seconds, I went for it.

I normally wouldn’t ride a staircase that had this combination of steep numerous steps right in the beginning on the fully rigid bike since there is virtually no way of slowing down in a safe manner but what the hell.

The top set were steep enough that after two steps I slipped behind the seat and just held on. My seat looked like a un-experienced construction worker handling a jack hammer and then I was on the first platform. After that, there were a bunch of quick steep steps that led to platforms. I will be back to conquer those steps often.

While working hard yesterday I found this picture on the Indy Cycle Specialist site. It is from when we all rode Pisgah together back in January. It is a cool picture as I didn’t even realize it was being taken. Thanks Scott!

Ride at Lynch’s at 9:00 on Saturday.


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