Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Madness Begins

The lingering taste of Patron in my mouth reminded me that it was still early as we boarded our flight to San Francisco. It seems silly to fly over the mountains that we so desperately want to ski to get there but that is the way this industry works. If we had our wishes, we could exit the plan paratrooper style soon and be at our final destination.

Those were the thoughts running through my head as I walked to my seat. While waiting for someone to sit down in First Class I overheard an order for Vodka and OJ. This cat is merely a pawn in the game, because if he were a p-l-a-y-a, he would have said “Give me a screwdriver.”

Currently we are at an un-known altitude and I just sighted the first snow covered peaks from my window.

Not too much longer now and we will be wearing flowers in our hair.

Here are the two other culprits enjoying this skiing adventure with me:

Fish tacos and Anchor Steam from a keg in San Fran!

Time to move on.

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