Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crap, I just hate it when that happens. It is a rare occasion I tell you. I am the one who started an organized urban thread on MTBR that was supposed to meet yesterday afternoon and I was a no-show. I posted the cancellation out on MTBR but it was too late. Work threw me a curveball and I was huggin’ the inside of the plate.

Only one person showed up and he rode alone. I will try this again soon.

Weekly Humor:

I have decided to let you all in on a little humor in my life. I live in a quadplex in downtown Greenville. A big house that is divided into four apartments and as we all know these situations can lead you to meet some . . .uhhhhh interesting people.

Lately the one-bedroom downstairs has been un-occupied. Just recently I noticed someone moving in. Last week while getting into my car to go to work I met the lady who had moved in. We said our hellos and then we both got in our cars. Well I glanced over at her door as I was pulling out and what did I see? A hot tub, yes a real hot tub. There are stones on the grass used as foundation and she has a hot tub outside of the house. ARE YA KIDDIN’ ME?

I knew you wouldn’t believe me so here it is:

The hot tub is in the back of the building there by the charis and that window in the upper left hand corner is my bedroom window. So I am thinking a properly timed cannon ball off the roof should make for some good humor huh?

Edit: Oh yah I finally changed my sidebars. I basically included everyone that I read on a daily basis. If you don't update often I proably didn't include you. If you drop by the site all the time and you want your blog/website included just drop me a line. On the other hand if you don't want endorsement from me you can also drop me a line and I will disclude your link.

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