Saturday, February 17, 2007


Dave and I took off on a 24 mile jaunt through Dupont today. It was brisk and there were flurries blowing in the air when I pulled up to Fawn Lake Access. I was the only car for a few minutes until an older couple pulled up and the lady said “It is a fine day for a ride.”
She had it right all the way.

Dave showed up not too long after and we made it our mission to venture north. We hit some of the fun trails in the northern section including the newly remodeled Jim Branch which is always sweet.

On a day like today it is important to know your way around the forest. With all the slick rock and ground seepage you can find some extremely slick spots. We saw a couple icy spots but for the most part we saw dirt and loose rocks under our tires.

For me, the most interesting part of the day was seeing a Segway. Not too long ago we joked about this happening. Dave and I both commented on the fact that the person riding the segway was very rangeresque, but we can’t confirm it.

I made the mistake of getting my feet wet during one little river crossing. It was about 5 hours later before I could feel all of my toes again.

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