Monday, February 19, 2007

Da Wood Report

It was a gorgeous day today in the mountains. We arrived a little after the lifts started dropping riders off at the top of the mountain. We had a decent morning warming up. We went over to Fawn Ridge in Kirkwood. Not too many people venture over that way as it requires a little extra effort.

I found this trail sign out there that I believe would be the old Wagon trail that the settlers used a very long time ago.

As it closed in on lunch I decided that I needed to visit the boot doctors of Kirkwood. I explained the troubles I was having with the boots and they proceeded to shave off some of the plastic tongue on my boot liners, pull out the stitching, super glued it back and then I was ready to go.

The work came out perfect.

In the afternoon we ventured over to the front face “Experts Only” terrain. Found some cornices. I will let the video tell you about the cornices.

Second part:¤t=MVI_0202.flv

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Sir Belt Buckle said...

Haha! Brian didn't die. Probably good. You'd have a LOT of paper work to fill out.