Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Downhill Gangsta'

This is a huge shout out to everyone who made this weekend’s festivities possible.

Wes D the organizer of it all did a great job on the course and logistics. All the sponsors rocked. I got a cool long sleeve Maxxis racing T for my downhill efforts. Thanks to BradO and Darrin for organizing our cozy cabins and taking pictures during the event. Thanks to Kristin for taking pictures.

Major cool points for Sir Bikes (and stomps) a lot for wearing the camera gear in both races!

Last but not least thanks to Fontanna Village for being very tolerant of our behavior.

How do you prepare for a below freezing night of downhilling? About the same way you prepare for skiing.

After my downhill run this guy says “Holy Crap, he doesn’t have any suspension.”

Paris ride tonight at 5:30.


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