Tuesday, April 24, 2007

MTBR Ride at The Queen

Wooglin started a thread that he was headed to Greenville and wanted to ride. So began the MTBR ride. Wooglin, UpstateSC-rider, 4000PSI, Wrtaylo and ExtrmTao all met up for a ride through “The Queen.”

Wrtaylo being the Queen’s master led us through most of the Doyle bottom loop and a bunch of stuff that I can’t name. I really need to learn that place so that I can guide through there but there are so many trails that go in so many directions. I just need to go get lost a few times instead of blindly following and going weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this is fun.

Just as we started to get going I noticed my front tire was a little squishy, so I put some air in it and hoped for the best. Next thing you know, less than four miles into the ride my back tire goes flat after I rolled a log. I took the tire off to see a huge thorn sticking out of it.

When I pulled my last spare tube out of the bag, it had lost the presta valve, whoops. Luckily two other folk were rolling 29’ers and I borrowed a tube from 4000PSI, thanks! Yes, I realize I can use 26" tubes but I need durability.

I have had a barrage of thorn related flats, just as I have done well with lost contacts. Hopefully, I am getting all of this out of my system.

I felt really good last night as we rolled mostly single track. My new gearing 32X21 works really well out there. It was a great night to be had by all.

If this book didn’t have pictures . . .

Rick rollin' with his mind on Doyle Bottom and Doyle Bottom on his mind.
A side of Wooglin we don't normally see. . .
4000PSI showing us how all his PSI powers him through the whoop de doo.
The Drunken Monkey says "Hello UpstateSC-rider."
There is literally 0 signage at "The Queen," sometimes you get street signs.
UpstateSC-rider flowing it through the creek de doo:

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