Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Attention Greenvillians; Support Your Community

I don’t get into a lot of advocacy topics on this Blog but sometimes it is warranted.

Tomorrow 4-11-2007 From 4- 8 PM at the Palmetto Expo Center; You can come support Greenville’s initiative to create more greenways, rails to trails, downtown bike paths and trails.

We have a unique opportunity in Greenville, many of our higher officials and city council people support these initiatives. So please do your part and come out to represent the public’s opinion on these matters. Unless you don’t support a healthier, cleaner more advanced city of Greenville, then you should move far away.

I have an eye appointment this afternoon. I am sure the Doctor Nigh will make some sort of snide comment such as “Have you been poking sticks in your eye son?” To this, I will have to answer yes.

Just in case you didn’t see what my constructive time by the fire can do:
Thanks Clint!


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