Thursday, April 12, 2007

You Should Listen

Not to me, that would be silly but when Warren Miller speaks, you should listen.

I remember when I was a wee little boy, not that I am a man yet but that is another conversation altogether. My Father was hip enough to buy Warren Miller’s Steep and Deep. That was my introduction to Scott Schmidt and “Extreme Skiing.” Warren’s captivating narration combined with the coolest skier’s of their time captured my attention like no other. In fact, sometimes I am surprised that I don’t live in a shack on a mountain somewhere out west, living out the ski bum’s dream.

Recently one of my good friends bought me Warren Miller’s “Higher Ground.” I watched in it’s entirety last night. What a fantastic movie! Warren still provides his witty humor to the movie but he doesn’t narrate the entire thing like in the years past. The movie combines some todays pioneer’s of snow sports along with an excellent sound track. I get the chills every time I watch one of his movies. In fact, if it is a year that I most likely won’t go skiing. I won’t watch any of his movies for fear of depression.

Warren is getting up there in age. He probably won’t be narrating his movies for much longer but hopefully his legacy will live on. It would be a sad, sad world without him. Thank you Warren and thanks to my Pops for showing me a passion that I hold close to my heart.

I am still waiting for that sort of passion to come from a Mountain Bike Movie. The Collective get’s very close. I believe over time, we will see more from the mountain bike community as a whole. After all, mountain biking is really still in its infancy compared to most of today’s popular sports.

The greenway information session went over very well last night. Andrew Meeker explained things quite thoroughly and it appears as though the city’s plan is right on track. The ultimate plan would be to interlink surrounding communities, hospitals, schools and parks with a interconnected greenway and bike paths.

As Andrew explained, many times signage is the number one priority over actually building new trails. Sometimes people need to be educated that they can get from place to place without using highways. I think it is very exciting for the city. If the plan panned out, it looks as though I could even commute to work using mostly trails and greenways. How awesome is that even though I most likely won’t be living where I am today when it is complete.

I saw all the local blogger’s out, good job representing people!

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