Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Trails, Happy Dogs

Saturday morning I was awakened by the sun coming in through our tent. Somehow I had been transported through space and time to a place where mountain bikes and tents reigned.

The magnetic metal sound of the tent opening and the next thing I know, I am dropping blueberries into pancake mix on the griddle. Meals always taste better in the woods.

Quickly a fast paced ride commenced. Mike R. Mike B. Eric and myself all took off with furious vengeance against our one and only nemesis, time. Halfway up Cove Creek to the connector. Mike B. did not allow us to rest for fear that the beast of time might be lingering.

Eric shooting out of a creek on Cove Creek:

Mike B. showing us that Pisgah has roots:

Mike R. in the same spot:

Down Daniel ridge everything is flowing until Mike R.’s tube is bitten by a snake. No matter, after a quick change we are rolling again.

Completing the route and back out to the campground we float. Eric needed to leave for more important matters as Mike R. and I continued on up to Long Branch to complete our riding day.

It was a nice addition to the day. Then after a looooooooooooong party, we awoke Sunday to a BIG group ride.

The same route as Saturday on Daniel and then four of us broke off and headed past G. Gap and on to Butter Gap. I finally had some flow on Butter and felt good coming down. Back up Long Branch to complete the weekend.

Sunday’s group ride had some trail dogs tagging along. One good boy in particular was very good with bikes. As soon as you would come up on his tail he would jump off the side of the trail and watch you fly by before continuing on. It made me smile.

I don't remember this pup's name but here is his three shot sequence.

Now he says "I'm a happy dog and I'm ok."

Now he says "I got a stick, I got a stick, I got a stick."
And lastly "Hey fool! why did ya hit the brakes?"

Altogether not a lot of mileage, however they were some of the best miles a mountain biker can ask for. Peace

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The Goat said...

I always love a good trail dog. Thinkin of gettin a Aussie myself. Sorry I missed the weekends events but did well at the Epic 35 with a top Ten finish! Whoot!