Monday, April 30, 2007

Which Came First?

Both were spotted on rides this weekend. The chicken was guarding our bikes out at Lynch’s woods while the snake was hooraying our progress on Sunday.

Saturday was a great day at Lynch's, PS, Brian, Clint and I did two hard laps and called it quits.

Here is Palmetto Solo dropping into one of the tricky creek crossings. It is steep and rocky on both sides. PS cleaned it the first time this weekend. Nice work!

Saturday wasn't too eventful. The trails were clean for the most part and I still happened to kick up a spoke killing stick. Little jingly sounds are great around Christmas time, not so great out on the trails.

On Sunday it was just PS and I out hitting up Manchester State Forest. PS had decided to "fool around" with his single speed and there ended up being a lot of this:

No problemo though because I wasn't looking for a hard day. Big rides are coming soon and there is no reason to get torn down at this point.

We cruised up by the facny gazeebo for a break:

See the fence off in the distance with the small gate in-between? That is where a short rutted sandy downhill starts. I took the lead into the descent and ended up taking a nice sand digger. It was one of those you could see coming a mile away and I set the bike and myself down softly enough.

Here is PS rolling some single on K3:

The signage at Manchester hits close to "way cheesy" status.



Clint said...

Check out the delts on that chicken, would ya. Come to find out, it's been hanging out at the parking lot for a couple of weeks now. That must be one of those kick-your-ass chickens that took survivalist classes.

ExtrmTao said...


So true. The way this one was squaking when we got back to the lot, I thought maybe he was the ring leader for a local fight club.