Friday, April 20, 2007

Root Canal Syndrome

Lately I have been experiencing this forsaken syndrome. What’s that, you haven’t heard of RCS? Well let me explain it to you.

Think about the most mundane tasks that you do everyday. Walk the dog, brush your teeth, apply some Afro Sheen in your hair or whatever. Now imagine that every time you do one of those things it feels like you are getting a root canal, sans Novocain. That is what RCS feels like.

I have been experiencing RCS way too frequently. I won't tell you where I have been experiencing these freak occurences because that is too boring. However, I can tell you to be on the look out.

So if you have been experiencing RCS lately, I have empathy for you my brothers and sisters. Have a great weekend!

Friday’s moment of Zen:

Peace like “ride your bike peace.” Not Peace like “peace out” peace.

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Lwac said...

We really care about you - please, put that silly cube down!