Monday, April 02, 2007

Gathering Pictures and Statistics

I don’t feel like writing much this morning so I will give you the skinny and the pictures. I know that’s all you really want anyway.

Gathering Stats:

Two rides = 45 miles.
Two Flats by me, five or six flats altogether.
One major mechanical that was fixed on the trail! Nice work D-Kuntz.
I met the dirt intimately 3 times on Saturday.
Two 24 oz Oatmeal Porter’s found in woods by Broussard.
4,000,555,666,222 beers drank
222,333,777,888 logs thrown over heads and onto the fire.
Two awfully sore shoulders from previous stat.
1 scorched scare crow.
0 deaths
0 people eaten by rabid dogs
60 – 400 hangovers


1 comment:

Eric W. said...

Great seeing you guys this weekend! Are you headed to DuPont on Wednesday?