Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Racing Spiders

The guys at Clemson have got it going on with this course. Check out the MTBR link and look at their awesome wall ride. They got Red Bull as a sponsor N'everythang.

Broussard and I met up for a circuit of Paris last night. This is why I love the Drunken Monkey. I wrecked the poor girl three times on Saturday, got her muddy, it rained on her on the way home Sunday, I wiped her down, put her in the closet and she was all ready to be ridden yesterday. Sweet.
Kristin went on a five hour hike on Saturday while us bike fools frolicked in the woods. They saw flowers, huge spiders and awesome views.
The view of Looking Glass from John rock:

Ride tonight at Dupont.


Palmetto Solo said...

Hey Leroy, would you be interested in forming a team for the 24hr Burn in May. This would be a good trail for the SS. Just wondering

ExtrmTao said...


I was thinking of trying that one Solo, not solo competition but solo fun and sleep a little, drink a lot.

However, what size team? All single? I'm interested for sure.