Thursday, April 19, 2007

Do You Take Your Own Advice?

I don’t. Yesterday, I said that Wednesday was going to be a rest day. Well until, I looked at the local Doppler radar and decided a ride at The Queen should commence.

I called the master of The Queen himself, Rick and we met up for an easy twenty twin twin twin miles.

We started off down the normal loopa we do and then Rick took me down a new section I hadn’t been on before. He mentioned something about a creek but I wasn’t paying attention, I was just riding my bicycle and smiling.
There was a little drop of moisture hear and there and the sky was overcast. It was nice as it calmed down the dust.

Once we made it to the creek, we crossed even though we had no idea where it led. Rick decided to get his feet wet with this move:
We cruised around for a bit and made our way to the pig horse trail:
Rick climbing climbing climbing:
Hey look, there's no snow but a double black.

I can't imagine why they put that there. . .
Rick railing a berm:
Rick dropping in:

Me going to town:

I wish I would have stayed at home and rested. . . NOT.
I forgot:
My hat goes off to the boys at the Clemson Freeride Club for making this happen. YOU GUYS *&%$#@ ROCK!!

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