Friday, November 17, 2006

The Queen

Rick, Jeff and I all met up for a semi-chilly very windy spin through the woods in Clemson last night. It was one of those night that you question your sanity as you drive to the trailhead. The wind is blowing and it really feels cold when I stick my hand out the window while driving down the highway.

I was surprised to see Jeff at the trailhead getting ready when I arrived. I didn’t know he was going to show up. He was a little sore from some ground connections he made at Paris on Tuesday.

Rick made an appearance with his single speed. It was the first time I had seen him on the “one-gear” and he pushed it pretty hard. Its good to see he can ride something else besides a Turner. His claim to fame on his single speed is that the stem cost more than the entire bike itself. He got the steel bike from some sweat shop in Taiwan.

It was a freaky night out. The trails were wet but not awful. The wind made it really chilly in spots and then back by the lake it was warm. We hit some of the good single tack and then cruised back to the cars on some dirt road.

People are really lining up for the Post-Turkey day ride. It is going to be a great time. I have a feeling we will be conqueror’s of the Fawn Lake access for the day. There are a few people showing interest in hiking too which is nice. If you are coming out to hike, remember to bring some BRIGHT clothing . It is that season again.

Our Sunday (November 26th) ride is brewing nicely now too. We are going to hit up Heartbreak and Kitszuma for you ORAMM freaks out there. It will be another good time for sure.

The theme of this weekend is Football and bikes. Kristin riled me up a ticket to the USC (Cocks not Trojans) vs. Middle TN game. Thanks Kristin! Sometime in the future I am going to have to work on a "tailgaiting bike setup." Now that I have experience with a Bob trailer, so much seems possible.

So we got a bunch of mountain freaks headed down from NC to SC to ride some XC trails. Wow that was a lot of acronyms huh? I am sure some fast times will be had. My only saving grace is that most of the guys are camping Saturday night. So with any amount of luck I will scare them out of their tents when I show up at the trailhead on Sunday.

Have a great weekend and RIDE YOUR BIKE!


Palmetto Solo said...

It appears as the trails will be closed piro to Sunday high noon

ExtrmTao said...

Maybe you have been working too hard lately soldier. The site says noon on the 18th which is today. We are good to roll.