Thursday, November 16, 2006

Customer Service

I over-analyze customer service. It is something I feel very strongly about. If I get good phone to phone, face to face or email to email service, I will be coming back to your company. What is a good example of customer service?

I ripped this picture from Walt's website.

WaltWorks is a great example. This guy builds bikes and forks out of his garage in Boulder Colorado. I recently contacted him about building me a new front end (fork) for my Drunken Monkey. He quickly and concisely answered all of my emails. Please note that I was a conscious consumer by reading thoroughly through his website before sending him an email. Not only did he do that but he also keeps an updated BLOG so you always know what the status of your hardware is.

The status of mine you ask?

Jonathan W (fork) 11/2/06 complete, to powder 11/17

He didn't spell my name right but I can deal with that.

My point is that I saw that he had completed construction of my fork and it is headed to get powder coated tomorrow! I was lucky too because he has now said that he will build no more forks until after his vacation in January. Great timing for me! Who knows, maybe I will even have this new fork for my birthday ride! Thank You Walt for providing great customer service. That is the type of business relationship I respect, maybe some day I will look for Walt to build me a bike.

For those of you in the Clemson area, we are riding at 6:00 tonight at Issaqueena. There has to be a better name for this place. That is just way to many syllables to say for a mountain biker to be hip. I think it will be known as “The Queen” from now on.

Another ride on Sunday looks like it is going to be a ton of fun. It is amazing how MTBR is working for us locally right now. Jeremy starts off by saying that he wants to do a ride this weekend. He was thinking Virginia, now we are headed to Clak Hill South Carolina to hit FATS, Turkey and Wine (yes these are trails and not what we are going to be during Thanksgiving) on Sunday. It even looks like they are going to camp out on Saturday night. I’ll make it for the ride but camping is out for me. Should be a fantastic time out in the Western part of our state, so come out and ride your bike!

Late Edit:

Walt's response to this post:

Dude, sorry about misspelling your name...
Thanks for the kind words!

I don't care how he spells my name in this instance. I care about riding an awesome fork on a great bike in the woods. Like I said. He responds quicky to mail.

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Sir Belt Buckle said...

Man, that's a winner. I'll for sure be looking at him for my next setup. I've been thinking about building an SS. Will look at Walt's offerings...

G'luck w/ the ride(s).