Friday, November 03, 2006

Do You See a Trail?

Last night BrouSSard, Andrew, Rick and myself all gathered for a night ride at Dupont State Forest.

We did what I call “the normal route” leaving from the Fawn Lake access. It is basically the best single track route you can do in that area without getting your feet wet. If I would have told the fellas that we were crossing the river last night, they would have come at my throat with their rotors in hand.

Their were some unusual sensations that occurred on the trail last night. Everything from leaf camouflaged rocks to hidden mud puddle pits of death. The beginning of our ride took us into a slightly more remote area than some see in Dupont. The ground was soft and mushy under our tires even though the leaves made dry crinkly sounds.

I was leading on one section of single track when all of the sudden my bike was pitched sideways and I heard “scccchhhhluccck ggggluuccck.” That is the sound your bike makes when you have no forewarning of the eminent mud puddle of doom. Luckily both times we ventured through this beast, I carried plenty of speed to just power through it. The mud pits were perfectly hidden by the newly fallen leaves as though Dr. Evil had been out there scoping out our demise.

The other unusual sensation was flying off the trail at high speeds not having any clue where the trail went. I have ridden these trails many, many times before and I was concentrating with all of my might to understand where the trail might lead next. It would be a good time to get very lost and find yourself in a cold dark situation quickly.

It was a fantastic night in the woods! I can’t wait to do it again.

If you haven’t heard by now, maybe you are just waking up from your drunken Halloween stupor but Paris is open on Tuesday nights. We will be out there rocking if anyone wants to show.

I got some left over paint from some Halloween costumes so I might be headed home to put my war face on for Sunday. The Race report will be written sometime Monday afternoon as Kristin and I will be braving the cold Sunday night.

Have a great weekend!
"What I'm saying is you guys have to start over there and and I start here. Its called a handicap."


Daddyo said...

Have a good ride on sunday and enjoy ...

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Team LandRover said...

good luck and stick it to ole dick. If you really want to get his goat, tell him you are racing open men. the stick