Thursday, November 02, 2006

Interviewed Tomato

Recently Ned Overend contacted me for an interview:

Ned: “Tomato, Do you know who I am?”
Tomato: “Yes, you are one of the greatest mountain bikers.”

Ned: “Let me rephrase, Do you know who I am?”
Tomato: “Oh yes, You are JPelton’s hero and the greatest Mountain Biker ever.”

Ned: “Excellent now let’s get onto the questions. How many seasons have you raced
Endurance events?”
Tomato: “I raced the ORAMM in 2005 but this is my first real season.”

Ned: “What prompted you to start racing Endurance events?”
Tomato: “ Pain, I need more pain in my life.”

Ned: “How do you feel your season has gone?”
Tomato: “Ok, I shaved 45 minutes off my ORAMM time. However I had my first DNF at the SM-75.”

Ned: “I thought the Shenandoah was 100 miles?”
Tomato: “It is, I just call it that for motivation.”

Ned: “I heard you have a race coming up. Are you prepared?”
Tomato: “I am feeling strong Ned. I think I will put it all out there for this one.”

Ned: “You recently changed from riding a FS bike to a rigid single speed. Can you tell me why you made this change and are you scared?”
Tomato: “Hell no I am not scared what is wrong with you Ned. I switched bikes because I am tired of breaking expensive parts every day of my life.”

Ned: “So do you intend to smash the competition into Tomato Juice this Sunday?”
Tomato: “I intend to feel like Tomato Juice after the race. If that involves beating some of the competition, so be it.”

Ned: “I recently saw on this thread where you were smack talking with Team Dicky. What’s all that about.”
Tomato: “He calls himself ‘The Champ.’ He needs a good butt whipping.”

Ned: “Why Tomato?”
Tomato: “Do you know what a Tomato says when he passes you Ned?”
Ned: “No, what?”
Tomato: “Ketchup!”

He was in a rush so the interview was short. I however do appreciate him coming out.

If you haven’t heard by now we have a night ride kicking tonight. Lots of single speeds and there might be a beer or two. Come out!

Disclaimer: Ned was not really the interviewer. It was my friend “Fried Green Tomato.”


kje said...

Man that Fried Green really knows how to ask the heated questions. . .

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