Monday, November 20, 2006

Ride Salvaging

Apparently PalmettoSolo put the curse on me Saturday night. I was gearing up to head to FATS on Sunday morning when my car wouldn’t start. DOH! So I did what any mountain biker would do in my situation. I begged my girlfriend to drop me off at some trail on her way to the gym.

I hate having to bail on rides and I think this was the first time this year I missed one. Not much I could do. If it would have been a trip to Pisgah, there would have been a tear in my beer for sure.

The day turned out pretty nice. I took a short ride at Harbison on the Drunken Monkey. I didn’t really start feeling good until the end of the ride. Oh well there are plenty of rides planned for this week.

Tomorrow night is another assault on Paris in the dark. Seems this is the place to be on Tuesday nights so don’t forget to ride your bike.

The Post-Turkey day ride is pulling out some heavy hitters. Woody said he might make an appearance and show us some of the new work that Trail Dynamics is doing. How cool is that? Maybe you would understand how cool it was if you knew that their group, were the one’s responsible for Airstrp, Mine Mountain and Jim Branch out at Dupont.

That’s it for a Monday morning.

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