Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Paris or Bust!

This is the third week for the Tuesday night Paris Mountain ride. I will make it tonight. I got my light charging and I am ready to go. Should be a good group out there since it is our only local night ride of the week besides Fridays but Friday doesn’t count in my book.

So we are riding tonight. I know there is a group that gets going around 6:15 from the first lot. We normally park at the first lot on the left side and get there around 5:30. We will try to come back to the lot to meet the other riders. More riders is always better. Well until I start seeing wicked shadows from my light being overpowered. I recently emailed Dave Harris about the shadowing effect. This guy knows a lot about lights. When I get some extra cash flow, I will be working on a new lighting system for sure. At the very least, I will be adding to my current system. Fully Rigid without proper light is a recipe for disaster.

What happens when two campers decide to watch a football game on Saturday when it is nice outside? This is what happens:

No Kristin’s were harmed in this experiment. . .

Good Times!!

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Sir Belt Buckle said...

Hahaha! That rocks man. I remember putting that damn TV in her place. It's no easy thing to move it. Nice.

PS- Fire is fun.