Wednesday, November 01, 2006


When you are riding a bicycle with no suspension this T.I. (Trail Intimacy) is what you get. You quickly know where every root and rock is on the trail. Unless the Swankin’ Leaves are there to hide them.

An appreciation for smooth singletrack is also gained. While riding the Lake Loop at Issaqueena the other night, I realized that some of the sections are as smooth as Fabio selling imitation butter products.

This thread has been hijacked from informing about the SWANK to informing others of what gears the single speeder’s are running. Those crazy SS’er’s always seem to do that. Even "The Champ" chimed in with his gearing from the past year. I thought about running a bigger gear for the race until I realized that this was very stupid. I have never spun out on any of the climbs in Pisgah with the gear I am on now, so why change it? Since most of the downhills are steep in Pisgah, there really is no worry about spinning out on them either.

A few of us southern folk are headed to NC for some night riding tomorrow if you would like to join us just come out.


Palmetto Solo said...

Hey Leroy - what up BeI-ich. I see that you have fully fallen for the ss love. Now you are getting a custom fork for her, that is like some grade school puppy love stuff. Let me know how it works for you I want one too, maybe I catch glimpse of yours. That sounds kinda gay but anyway.


ExtrmTao said...

Yes I like the fact I can ride my bike on multiple rides and not catch a big "bummer" from something being broke.

I might feel compelled to let you take a gander at my fork. . .

Dicky said...

I'm still on the fence concerning the Swank. Maybe I'll get off it in time.

ExtrmTao said...

Oh man you are thinking of throwing in a "off-season" race in the mix huh Dicky? If I could find you on the fence, I would just come push you off it. Come out and race!