Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Swankin’ Leaves

Let me first say that with the introduction of this thread, I now understand what SWANK stands for.

Silly Walker’s Attempting Not to be Killed

If you want to know what trails are being utilized for the Swank, just think about every trail in and around the Fish Hatchery and you know the route. Yes, we will be hitting three of my favorite trails in Pisgah as well; Daniel Ridge, Butter Gap and Cove Creek. We will be “racing” on some pretty technical trails.

I can say with almost 100% certainty that no racer will ride the complete route. If you do, and you want to smite me with all of your wheel maneuvering magic then go right ahead because I bow to you and your godliness on the bike.

While riding around the trails out at Issaqueena last night, I realized that the leaves there are really quite manageable. The trails see a lot of use and I believe that contributes to the ease of the leaves. This is not the case in Pisgah. The leaves become so thick for awhile in Pisgah that you feel as though you are biking through eight inches of British Columbia Powder. All that “powder” is there to hide big rocks and roots that will attempt to bring you face to face with Mother Nature. The other exciting factor the leaves bring to biking is the sound your bike makes when plowing through them. If you can imagine, being inside a steel room with a hundred people ripping, crumpling and shredding newspapers then you can imagine the sound.

With all that being said, I still have some strategies I intend to employ while racing this last attempt of the season. I will provide more thoughts on my race plan later in the week. For now, I am just keeping the legs loose and enjoying this awesome fall weather. I leave you with a picture that was ripped from Eric’s site. Shortly after this picture was taken I lost it on the big boulder right in front of me. Maybe next time!

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