Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Team BDE, October Stuff

Yah I stole the camera from Miss Photo and snapped her photo. Whuhahahahahhahaha!

Is this the right map?

That is Team BDE. That's all I have to say about that.

October is upon us and most of the biking community is finishing up their season. Lots of talk about worlds and so on. So why can't I find somebody to ride with? I guess everybody is in alter-ego must train and ride alone mode.

Got wind of another small gathering of folk coming to Pisgah. There are even some native Hoosiers coming down. I might have to convince myself that camping is just getting primed. The leaves are going to have color very soon and how can you pass camping up this time of the year? Plus the seasonal trails will be open soon. Look out for some Epic Pisgah rides coming to your neighborhood soon.

So good luck to all of those that are headed to the worlds this weekend.

What do I have on the docket for the rest of the year? There is a cross country race in Charleston. There is the SWANK in pisgah that sounds cool. A couple twelve hour races are still feasible too. I haven't made any decisions on late season torture yet. I might just have to go hoop it up with the crazies doing the Double Dare. Whatever events are sure to be a blast and involve keg beer are sure to be on the list.

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Arleigh said...

12 hour race in a couple weekend in Charlotte.