Thursday, October 05, 2006

Monster Lobster

Rode with Nick out at Paris last night. We had a good easy ride. Got all the trails in. Nick is headed to the Worlds this weekend and then has a Chemistry Exam on Tuesday. I got the chills when he said he was headed home to study. YIKES! I haven't studied in a long time. Good luck Nick!

So last weekend was a riding and drinking debauchery. This weekend is all about excess. Kristin and I are driving to good ol' Gilbertsville KY for some Lobster and hard partying. Yes I know it doesn't make sense to drive to KY for Lobster but that is the way it goes. This is the Marina where Michael's family owns a cottage.

So his family throws this huge party on the lake every year around this time. Everything is done in excess. Excessive drinking and eating with hardly any exercise besides tossing the disc and a little swimming.

There is some awesome single track in the area that I normally ride but this trip is for hanging out not riding my bike by myself.

So tomorrow we will be headed swimmingly up the highway. I know you all will be disappointed without a post tomorrow but I am sure Monday's will make up for it.

Have a good weekend!

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