Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tobacco Free For Ever Eva Eva Eva

Saturday morning Kristin and I got up nice and early for the TFFL (tobacco Free For Life) ride. We got all set up at Dupont and Kristin started in taking volunteer pictures for the event. Here is Andrew and I awaiting the start.

The advanced course was 29 miles this year and it was a hoot. I had limited goals on this ride since it is just that "a ride." I wanted to have fun, not lose a contact and not get a flat. All those things happened to me last year, I was looking to achieve only the first this year.

The route was much better than the previous year. We started out climbing the northern section of Holly Mountain and down Ridgeline to the new Jim Branch section of the park. This trail has recently been re-worked and it is awesome now. After Jim Branch, we started the climb to the middle of the park.

We headed up past High Falls on the Conservation Road and then down by Bridal Veil Falls. At this point, two women in all pink passed me as I was looking around at the feed station. Made the climb out of the falls section and a left onto Shelter Rock trail. We headed up Airstrip and I was happy to pass the point at which I flatted last year. I got to the top of Airstrip and saw the Pink Panther clan pulled over to the side of the trail struggling with a bike. The bike was pink of course and there was some major chain suck going on. It was real bad so I volunteered my services by breaking the chain and slapping it back together. They were very appreciative and nice.

Up and out of Airstrip back on the Conservation Road to the beginning of Reasonover. Had a great time on Reasonover. That trail is always a blast.

Coming up the gravel I saw a guy walking pretty awkward. He said he had the cramps. He must have not had the cramps like I have had this year because he wasn't laying on the ground crying for his momma. I offered him some electrolytes since I was the magic trail person of the day and he asked me a multitude of questions about the pills in his hand. I guess it only fairs to reason since he was taking "drugs" from a stranger. I assured him everything was ok.

Back over Airstrip to Mine Mountain. It took everything I had to make it to the top of that climb without getting off the bike. I was about 18 miles into the ride and that climb is no joke. Down Mine Mtn and a left onto Laurel Ridge. Lots of people pulled over for flats.

Down to the water crossing. I saw that they had a rope set up for the water crossing. Luckily due to a ride I had earlier in the year I now know the trick to theses crossings. Take your shoes off and leave your socks on. This is slickrock and they don't call it that for nothing. The socks act like little velcro combined with the algae. There was a fellow behind me that I told to leave his socks on as I trounced through the water. He didn't listen and I looked back to see him doing the slickrock shuffle.

They had some food here for us so I stopped, chatted and ate. My two Pink Panther friends showed up and as I got back on the bike I heard one of them yell. Your on a Single Speed! She didn't notice that when I was fixing her drivetrain. They yelled "go single speed." Well what I knew is that they were about to catch up because I can't make it up Cedar Rock without walking some.

Halfway up Cedar I found the only other SS'er of the day. Jeff was riding his SS as well. We walked and chatted for a few minutes. He was staying over with us crazies at the Gathering. Imagine that!

Jeff and I were still together at the top of Big Rock and he told me to lead the way. I had a blast going down Big Rock and things were really flying. I don't know if I have ever gone that fast down that trail.

After the Big Rock decent I felt invincible. Well until I was rolling along slowly after a climb and spotted a nice big rock to smash my knee into. It was a rookie mistake. Slowing to much not keeping momentum and all the sudden you are laying there wondering why your knee hurts so bad. I walked it off and finished the ride.

Congrats to those who came out and pushed themselves. I had a great time and I am sure you did too. You can see Kristin's wonderful photography by clicking here. She doesn't have all the pictures up yet since she took over a 1,000 pics. She is working hard so give her some time ok? I mean the pictures are free for heaven's sake.

Thanks to all the volunteers and especially all the hard work put in by Amy!

Great event and awesome Jersies too!


Sir Belt Buckle said...

Sounds like a fun ride. Wish I'd gone now. Oh well. Did house work & rode both days, multiple times per day so I can say it was a good weekend.

Need to start burning it to keep up with you...

Team LandRover said...

What's with people asking questions about FREE drugs from strangers??
Yo, the upstate's other Pro (www.cassperkins.blogspot.com) rode single too. I guess only the G'vegas folks were representing.