Monday, October 09, 2006

Slippery Anytime

I will get to the weekend's activities tomorrow once I have some pictures.

Went out for a quick urban/dirt spin on Friday before we headed out to KY. I pumped the Exi Wolf's up to road pressure so I didn't have to worry about tubes and tools.

I was having a really good ride on the inner city single track and really enjoying the wonderful weather lately when I came upon "the bridge." This is no ordinary bridge. It is a metal bridge with no grooves in the slates or rubber at all. This thing has accident written all over it. There are even signs before the bridge that say "No Running or Biking across Bridge, Walking Only!" I have always sort of headed to this advice. I still ride my bike across it and run across it, I just exercise more caution if the conditions are slippery. Well on Friday everything was dry. Well except for the fact that my tires had been through some dew.

So I find myself going across the bridge quite a bit faster than normal. I started to lean into the 45 degree turn just a teeny bit and I felt the wheels start to slide out as though I were riding behind the Zamboni:

I looked at the river below and the miniscule rails that would attempt to arrest my fall into the river and realized this was going to be really bad. Luckily I hadn't leaned to far, I feathered both brakes just enough to make the pads brush the rotors and I felt the bike immediately snap upright back into position. Whew! That will be the closest call I ever have on that bridge.

Monster A.K.A. Mobster Lobster report tomorrow.

Now its time to see how all the "suckas" did in the Worlds.

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