Friday, October 13, 2006

Night Rides

Late post today due to work issues. Yes I actually have to do something other than surf the net all day sometimes. Tragic I know.

Night riding is some of the most exhilarating riding that I get to do. I love being in the woods and I really love being in the woods at night. Well sometimes it is a little freaky if you are by yourself.

So last night Andrew and I car pooled down to Issaqueena for some night riding. We took his newly adopted pup out for a quick two mile spin and then went back to the lot to meet up with more riders.

Issaqueena rocks for night riding. It is just technical enough to keep your mind busy but not so technical that it freaks you out. Night riding is sort of it's own animal. Since you can't really see everything there is a lot more flow involved. You sort of just "feel" the trail and many times I find that I ride better at night because I just react to the bike and the trail rather than trying to anticipate it.

It is sort of like when you were a kid playing flashlight tag. You find yourself running full speed in the dark when all the sudden the ground comes out from underneath you. Your little kiddie legs start moving as fast as possible to negotiate the hill until you realize that you are back on flat ground and still upright. You think to yourself "WOW that was cool, I didn't know I could run that fast." You just reacted to the hill instead of anticipating it and slowing down.

So we had a sweet ride last night and I got another ride in with gears. Man that technology is really great. Don't get me wrong I love the Single Speed but I will not commit my life to SS'ing.

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