Friday, October 27, 2006

The New Tuesday

I jumped on the Drunken Monkey last night and headed over to Mellow Mushroom. Sat with Andrew and had some beers before a meeting of the masses began.

Ty our local Park Ranger was giving a quick power point showing how current grant monies were being utilized in the park and how future grants might be entertained.

We all signed up in attendance to show our local support. If you showed up and signed the attendance, you might be in the know for the “New Tuesday.” The park is being opened up to night time activities on Tuesdays. That’s right folks, we now have a local place to ride on Tuesday nights in the winter. If we treat this new rule with respect, it could extend into other nights!

The main concern is that people will abuse the hours. It is only open till 9. So get your butt out of the park by 9 so Ty and his staff can go have beers with you and not throw your butt out of the park.

I am getting ready for the SWANK this weekend by drinking heavily with my old roommate from college. Sounds like a plan!

Should be some good pictures this coming Monday as Kristin and I are dressing up for a costume party tonight. She is going as a Mountain biker (I have no idea where she got that idea) and I am going as a Dancer. Should be interesting. I've got lots of dance moves. The Drunken Monkey has been teaching me some new one's too so look out!


Dicky said...

Swank this weekend? You started drinking already.
How 'bout Nov 5th.

ExtrmTao said...

I should have clarified. I am starting to drink this weekend to get ready for the SWANK next weekend. Now is always a good time to start preparing.