Monday, October 02, 2006

Bob Cream

Please take note that their is no apostrophe in the title. Thank you!

So a weekend of Gathering was had. You can see BradO's pictures here.

I got up to the camping/drinking/biking/smart-butt-talkin' area Friday afternoon. Not too many souls around so I just set up camp. BrouSSard came rolling in not too long after me and we did a SS jaunt up to Pressley Gap and down the lower half of Black Mountain to appease the Bike Gods for Friday afternoon. The climb was good and the descent was awesome and fast as usual. The Mtn Bike Gods were pleased with the way we rode and allowed us to partake in cold beverages after the ride.

Kristin showed up to camp later on in the evening and we all just relaxed around the Fire Friday night. Kristin and I had to be up early for the tabacco Free Ride Saturday morning so we kept it pretty low key Friday night.

Saturday morning we got up and headed out for the TFL ride. I will post a ride report about this one tomorrow. We did so much work for this ride, it deserves a post of its own.

Saturday afternoon was spent relaxing and hanging out with all the crazed mountain bikers from all over.

Kristin and I were prepared for camping like we always are. We prepared full course meals and left out no detail. We even had home made ice cream. Kristin recently received a ice cream ball from a co-worker that knows we are camping crazy. The deal with the ball is that you fill up one end with your "cream concoction" and the other end with rock salt and ice.

Once this is done, you do whatever you want with the ball as long as it is in constant motion. We kicked it around the fire for awhile. I ran up a big hill and rolled it down. Kristin and I bowled it back and forth. Then genius struck me. Why not use Bob? Brad had brought this wonderful tool for everyone's use. I put the ball in the back of the trailer and rode around the campground for awhile and voila. Mint chocolate chip ice cream was had by all. Well except for a select few that decided if it didn't involve alcohol there was no need involving one's self.

Here you can see Zach reaping the benefits of our hard efforts.

Sunday morning came and everyone headed out on their own version of good rides. A group of 5 or 6 of us headed over to ride Sycamore --> Thrift --> lower Black. It was a great time and I almost made it up all of Sycamore on the SS. Yes, I impressed myself considering I already had 40+ miles on my legs for the weekend.

It was an awesome weekend with lots of good people and great weather. Thanks to Zach for reserving the campground and everyone else who brought firewood and so on.

Can't wait to do it again.

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