Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hillbillies Doing Hillbilly Things

So this picture here by Miss Kristin is a demonstration of this past weekend's activities. This is "Hillbilly Golf." A very interesting game that involves libations and golf balls bound together with string. That's my Dad and I taking on Michael and our high school friend Jim Maloney. We got whooped up on. If you are interested the rest of the pictures from the weekend can be found here on Kristin's website. I will post some more pictures and stories later this week.

So for you biking nuts looking for some true pisgah goodness can come ride with whoever shows up on Saturday. I started this thread to keep everyone up to date. There are more responses than I expected already. Sweet people are coming out of the woodworks to ride.

Rick and I got some good single track in last night out at Issaqueena in Clemson. It looks as though there are some students from Clemson that got build rights to one area of the park out there. They are building some "big bike" drop offs and jumps. Hmmmmmmm can't wait to get the FS bike up and running again.

That's all for now.

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Sir Belt Buckle said...

That's actually a pretty fun game. It gets better the more you drink. I'm trying to figure out how to drill a golf ball & attach a rope to build one for myself. Probably just drill all the way through & tie it off. Who knows.