Monday, October 30, 2006

Good Times and New News

Pictures from the weekend. The party rocked and my good Friend Florence really knows how to throw a house party. Good Job Flo!

We were at another party Friday night but those pictures shall never be revealed on the internet.

Bike News:

The Drunken Monkey will be getting some softer blue pill's soon. I recently made contact with Walt out in Colorado for some new hardware. Here is what Walt says:

Jonathan -
You're one of the few people that actually reads anything on the website before they email me - kudos!
In any case, if you're coming from a bike with an 80mm travel fork, you'll want a 470mm long rigid fork. That's the same length as your Karate Monkey fork. The offset on your KM is 43mm, and the steerer is 1 1/8". Easy cheese, dude. I build forks like that all the time.
Is this fork going to be a disc or v-brake setup?
Finally, you gotta cough up some dough so I can, you know, eat and pay the rent. I take paypal payments (to this email address) or checks sent to:

Waltworks LLC
5435 White Place
Boulder, CO 80303

The total would be $xxx ($xxx fork/$xx ship) and the wait time would be about 1 month.

I can't wait to get my hands on this fork. I will count the moments until it happens. I know that Eric is very pleased with his work. I am sure the same will be true with me.


kje said...

Yes, Pictures of the Friday night costumes will be available. The Mountain Biker and Dancer are sure to be a hit on the blog. . . and no Jonathon did not go as the Mountain Biker ; )

ExtrmTao said...

KJE, Even if you had a BLOG of your own, I would still not "approve" of them being published on the NET.

Sir Belt Buckle said...

Damn. I must have missed another cool party. KJE, you can email them to me and I'll post 'em on my blog. :)

Daddyo said...

So why wasn't Christian in costume ?

ExtrmTao said...


YOu are soooo funny. I will let Christian know your thoughts 8-)