Monday, November 13, 2006

Trail Sightings

Joe, Russell and I all gathered for a quick spin around Manchester on Sunday. It was a gorgeous day and luckily the temps had fallen since Saturday.

Russell had been out doing double operative secret training of course. So after waiting for him to show back up to the trailhead we all took off. I was feeling pretty sluggish but still had a great ride. Manchester is mostly really tight single track with some sections of the Palmetto trail thrown in for some altitude change.

I have to note here that these guys are really cool about trail maintenance. Not only were some new sections being built but half of the trails had been blown off. This was quite the change for me. I am not used to seeing the trails. Great work out there!

I hadn’t ridden with my wide riser bars out there yet and I learned a pretty good lesson while trying to snake through some trees. That lesson is? My bars are wide. I had a couple close calls and then my right grip caught a tree just good enough to kick my front wheel around and POOF I was eating dirt. Nothing bad, just a fast fall and a “what the, friggin tree, what’s that tree doing there anyway…”

All in all it was a great day even though Russ and Joe were up ahead playing without me all day. It was good to get out and spin the legs on some cross country trails. I hadn’t done that in awhile.

We had another soul with us for a short while, McPiv off of the MTBR forums. I am not quite sure how we lost you friend but maybe next time. He said he knew his way around the trails so I trust that was true since his car was gone once we got back.

Thanks to Russ for the special delivery of the Drunken Monkey!

If you haven't heard the SWANK pictures are up and rocking. Thanks to Kristin for putting some hours in and getting them posted. One of my favorites from the SWANK.

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