Thursday, November 09, 2006

Racing or Riding?

I get down on myself sometimes after races because I don’t always feel that I left it all out there. Sometimes after I get going in a race I don’t feel as though I have the drive I need to do well. The SWANK was a perfect example. About halfway through the race, people would pass me and I had no desire to worry about them. Sure I am out there pushing it hard but I would really like to try and stay more focused during the race. I think this has to do with the fact that I am finally moving from “survival mode” to actually being in good enough shape to compete. This is something I plan to work on mentally with myself for next season. I need to dig in and make sure that when I cross the finish line there aren’t any regrets.

Some local Clemson groups and myself have teamed up to make a really exciting day for hikers and bikers alike. It is the Post Turkey day ride. We should get a really great crowd out for this one. Come one come all.

Walt has cashed my check. I hope that means that he us busily working in his garage for my new front end on the Drunken Monkey. Ignore all that pretty snow falling in Boulder Walt and build my fork!

I got my new saddles in the other day too! I plan on trying one out tonight even though it is the same saddle I had before. If a saddle works, I am not going to fix it. The only reason I am putting a new one on is because my old one’s love groove pooches out now. I think it was about to go to the wayside so it is indeed time for a new one. What saddle do I ride? WTB Laser V. Makes bottoms happy.

Kristin is feverishly working to get some SWANK pictures posted. Will she get all the pictures edited and posted before Todd can get the results out? We will see. Since I have the powers at be, I convinced the race photographer to send me one picture as a preview. Am I lucky or what?

Here is Eric and I after the race. He is still elated from throwing the hammer down and sliding by me like I was sitting still in the last 2 miles.

This picture was taken by Kristin. She made us make up so we could “be friends again.” ~Doc Holliday “Tombstone.”

A ride is brewing out at Manchester this Sunday. We are meeting at 12:00 in the parking lot if you would like to come out and play.

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