Friday, March 02, 2007

Waaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaa Story Overload!

Whew, so I have been doing a lot of story telling as of late. That is what keeps the writing interesting though right? So now we are back to the semi-boring less interesting bike chatter. I will do my best to keep everyone from falling asleep at work.

I missed a ton of writing while I was gone. I had over a week’s worth of reading from all the blog’s on my sidebar to catch up with. That wouldn’t normally be much but I missed race reports from the Sustina 100 and 24 hours of Old Pueblo.

I was really looking forward to Jill’s interpretation of biking 100 miles in a land where only the bravest of creatures roam. Not only that, but her friend broke the record for running the race. INSANE!!! They both know how to spin a yarn when it comes to story telling too!

I was also interested in hearing TeamHealthFix’s interpretation on Old Pueblo as it would be Dave’s first attempt at a solo 24 hour since his broken collar bone. These cat’s have training down to a science. He made a great attempt and was second behind Tinker. In his word’s he was “first human,” that made me laugh.

Unfortunately, Lynda didn’t fair as well. She had an accident after 11:30 hours of racing. She had her laser beam sights trained right on her goals up until that time as well. She now is in recovery mode just as Dave was at the end of last year. I am sure her recovery will be just as fast as Dave’s was. They are strong people!

You first have to understand that both Dave and Lynda are so dedicated to their sport that they will answer emails and questions from stranger than strange stranger’s that they have never met. Yes, I fall into that category. Mountain Bike Enduro nut jobs are good people in general I will tell you! It is great to be involved in such a network of people.

So that is the report from the Blogosphere. What do I have my sights set on? Not much really, just enjoying an early season fitness that I missed out on last year due to injury. Even though I have over-heard rumors that this years PMBAR will be tougher than last year, I have the feeling that team “Trippin’ on Lactic Acid” will be completing this bad boy before dark this year. YA HEAR THAT JOE? Not that I have to worry about Joe, I have never beat him in a race, even though I did hear him crying coming down Black Mountain in the pitch dark last year. No worries, as I cried earlier in the day.

I got a new Camel Bak that I am using under trial basis right now. Why do I say trial basis? Because it is a great skiing/hiking pack but I am not sure of it’s MTB qualities yet. I did use it on Tuesday and it did pass the first test. I just have to try it loaded down with extra weight.

The bike issue still stands as just that, “an issue.” I am down in Cola this weekend for anyone who might want to ride in the area.

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