Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pints and Quarts

Pisgah ride on Saturday, leaving from 1206 at 8:00 if you want to come.

Since I have no bike news or Dog Runner’s to talk about I will relate a story from lunch yesterday.

To understand this story’s context, you must first know that I live in South Carolina where there is still controversy over the confederate flag being flown over the state house.

A disturbingly funny thing happened to me at lunch yesterday. I went to McCallister’s to eat and as I sat down to read my book and await my food I realized I was opening the book to the next chapter entitled “The Klu Klux Klan and Real Estate Agents.”

Let me give you some background. I started reading the book “Freakonomics.” This book is basically a study of economics through slightly skewed observations in society. In this particular chapter, the author explains how the hoarding and exploitation of information can have advantages or adverse effects on your organization as a whole. Let me just state for the record, in no way is this book racially, religiously or politically biased.

So here I am trying to hide the first page as I don’t want the general public peering at my book to see the chapter title and think that I am some racially bigoted individual when my food comes. So I eat and read in peace. . .

Until along comes the “ask if everything is to your satisfaction guy,” to ask me if my meal is ok. I gave a quick reply “yes” and went straight back into the book. At this point, I had a salt shaker on the left hand corner of the book, holding the page down and covering the title of the book “Freakonomics” but the chapter title “The Klu Klux Klan and Real Estate Agents” on the upper right hand corner was exposed. The AIEITYSG guy then said “Whatcha readin’ on?” I wanted to grab his wrist twist it in a not so comfortable fashion slam his face against the book Chuck Norris style and say “PLEASE, mind your own business.” However, I just said “A book.”

He laughed as though my comment was a joke and then proceeded to put his face directly above my book which was also strangely close to my food, read the chapter title and said “Ooooooooooooooo Interesting.” Then he walked off.

I am sure that as he was leaning in, he saw my angst at this action and probably only read the first three words. So now this little twit thinks that some white supremacist with a beard (me but not really me if you know what I mean) is inside McCallisters eating a sandwich while. . . . you get the point.

Mind your P’s and Q’s and stop worrying about my bidness.



jpelton said...

Oh. lighten up and eat your sandwich! Since when did you care what us South Cak-ilak-ians thought?
If you do care, I think you are a elitist rigid single speeding beer snobe from some state in Middle America who needs to wash his camel pack because it always smells like I am chasing a homeless guy down the trail.
So, "Wha-ca reading".

ExtrmTao said...

Joe, of all the posts that I write. . . you choose this one to comment on.

It isn't that I care so much what the little twit thinks. It is more the fact that he didn't mind his own bidness. I take the cover off my books for a reason. I don't want every jackass in the state asking questions about my book.

I was shutting up and eating my sandwich thank you.

Now you are gonna go and mock my camel bak too huh. Maybe you should be friends with that guy at McCallisters.

I think your "clean" lifestyle has screwed your head.

jpelton said...

Damn, I am funny!!!
Yes, since I quit all my bad habits, I get pleasure from picking on others.