Monday, March 05, 2007

Meat and Three

Three rides in three days, all in Manchester forest. These trails are in great shape right now. On Friday I had to throw some fallen trees off to the side on K3 but otherwise they were clear. That was due to the high winds the day before.

On Friday I decided to ride “Hardcore,” this trail sees an enduro motor cross race every now and then. It makes the trail into this double track hell. The ground is mushy with tons of tiny whoop de doo’s that kill your speed. I was mashing the pedals as hard as I could trying to blow all the sand out from under my tires, making motor sounds all the way around to take my mind off the pain.

Saturday I chose to ride my favorite trails in Manchester which consists of Campbell’s Pond combined with sections of the Palmetto trail. It was a great ride.

Sunday Joe and I headed out to Manchester and we rode all the trails except for Hardcore. Here is Joe making the move up the bridge steps:

After tackling some of the Palmetto trail we went back to the lot to pick up the infamous Paul Harrell. He was so glad to be on his bike that he tried to steal mine. Then he showed us how a professional does a track stand:

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Sir Belt Buckle said...

Surprised we didn't see ya out there. 'The walking farts' and I were out on Sunday as well. Rode everything except Campbell's pond 'cause we ran out of daylight. And you're right; MUCH better trails than would be @ harbison. They need to close those when they get so much rain.